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Plamedi Air Mini has shown efficacy of sterilization in a 30m3 of area. The device is built with a blower fan that propels plasma ions into the air to sterilize anything in your proximity including your table, bed, car, etc.

Plamedi Air Mini is a device that generates cold plasma, which can cause a slight metallic odor when the device starts operating. However, the metallic odor is a natural byproduct of generating plasma ions and will eventually disappear within a few seconds.

Initial sterilization of your immediate surrounding will take about 5-minutes. For sterilization of your proximity (30m3), effects should take place after 1~2 hours maximum of starting the device.

Plamedi Air Mini does not use any filters and removes pathogens via cold plasma generation. Thus, it does not require replacement of filters or maintenance. However, we recommend periodically cleaning the air intake component located on the top of the device with a brush or cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Plamedi Air Mini does not operate on a rechargeable battery and cannot be used wirelessly. However, please feel free to carry it around while connecting the device to a USB portable charger.

See more product specs (Product Page)

Yes. You can use the device by connecting it to the vehicle’s USB terminal. If you want to place the device on a specific area such as your vehicle dashboard, armrest, etc, please use the enclosed glue stick dot that comes with the device.

The Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL), a public and official testing institution in Korea, conducted ozone safety test on Plamedi Air Mini strictly in accordance with KS C 9314:2019 (24-hour testing of device within a 30㎥ chamber, measured at 5cm distance from device), the South Korean national testing standard for air purifiers, as regulated by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards. 

Test results show a maximum value of 0.0038 PPM, which is far below the FDA and WHO indoor safety standard of 0.05 PPM.

Plabio offers a strict 1-year warranty of Plamedi Air Mini from the date of purchase. For repair or return inquiries, please contact Plabio PH at +63995-371-2230. (Please note that our warranty does not cover defects that arise due to customer negligence)

Plamedi Air Mini holds CE, ROHS, REACH, KC, and PSE certifications and is manufactured in an ISO certified facility.

In order to propel the generated plasma ions into the air, we’ve implemented a small fan inside the device.

Plamedi Air Mini is made of polycarbonate (PC). PC is an upgraded, more durable version of the commonly used ABS material. We’ve also coated the exterior with a proprietary method to give it an aluminum feel.

We recommend using the voltage indicated in the product specifications (DC 5V, 1A). Connecting to a USB port of a PC or laptop, may affect the consistency and operation of the device. We thus recommend connecting the device to a stable power source such as an adaptor (power outlet), USB power station, and USB port of a vehicle.

The Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology (GDDCM), an internationally recognized and public testing institution, conducted a clinical test trial on Plamedi Air Mini, evaluating its efficacy in sterilizing viruses.

On May 2, 2020, we received official results that showed 99.99% sterilization of Influenza A (H1N1) virus conducted in a 1m3 chamber. Furthermore, we are currently conducting a sterilization test in Japan’s Kitasato Medical Center, to evaluate our device’s efficacy against sterilizing feline coronavirus.

See test results (Test Results)

As Plamedi Air Mini is an electronic product, we recommend to use the device in a low humidity environment. However, given the device’s efficacy against pathogens and VOCs, should you need the use the device in the bathroom, we strongly recommend placing the device in purely dry areas. 

As pathogens and fine dust are invisible to the naked eye, the only possible way to check if the air is purified or sterilized is to use a specialized detection device for air impurities or pathogens. Please do not worry, however, as the Plamedi Air Mini has shown efficacy in various clinical test trials against pathogens and VOCs. 

Like most household appliances, the Plamedi Air Mini can be used semi-permanently. However, lifetime of the device is dependent on how the device is used and managed during its lifespan.

Plamedi Air Mini generates about 40~45dB of noise, which is comparable to the noise level of a quiet office or library. The standard noise level for air purifiers, in accordance with the CA certification, is less than 60dB.

As with other home appliances, the Plamedi Air Mini should not be stored in areas with high humidity, high temperature, and/or direct sunlight. Avoid storing the device in areas where magnetic fields (or electromagnetic waves) are generated.

Please also use the device in accordance with its voltage requirement (DC 5V, 0.5A). When connected to a USB port of a PC or laptop, the device may not operate to its full extent due to insufficient voltage supply. For detailed precautions, please read the user manual enclosed in the packaging.

It is highly recommended to let the device rest for 15 mins after 2-3 hours of use.

Within Metro Manila:

Shipping within Metro Manila is P120 payable to the courier upon delivery.

For COD or arranging your own pickup, please message us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll have it arranged for you.

Provincial Deliveries:

Shipping is dependent on the volume of your order. For 1-2 devices, the courier charges 120 pesos. For 3 devices & above, it ranges from 150 – 350 pesos. Shipping fees are payable to the courier upon delivery.

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